Since its inception in 2001, Quality Links & Co. (QLC) has evolved as a progressive and proactive quality assurance service provider. We now have a team of trained professionals in all key areas of leather garments manufacturing. Our business philosophy is to assist the supplier in managing and controlling manufacturing process to produce the best product for our customers. Which is why we now enjoy the alliance of various notable leather, leather apparel and related accessories suppliers in Pakistan.

  • The key feature of this alliance is rapid development of  leather concepts and extra processes for various final looks on the product.
  • QLC has an efficient sourcing and product development department. We check the requirements of each inquiry and select the right supplier, and then work closely with that supplier to ensure that our customers get what they require in the final product.
  • QLC has a comprehensive inspection system with emphasis on Quality Assurance. We have defined in-process check points to make sure that mistakes are avoided during production rather than pointed out at final inspection. So each process is carefully monitored to assure quality and consistency as per the expectations of the customer.

QLC takes pride in retaining a modest customer base in Europe and Japan since its inception. This has been possible because of strong commitment of the QLC team to deliver as per the requirements of our off-shore buyers.